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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is deregulation?
Deregulation refers to the concept of replacing monopoly service by the utility with the opportunity to make choices about electric service. The process varies state by state.

2. Who is EnviroGen LLC?
EnviroGen is a family owned business founded in New York State with the mission of providing renewable energy to customers and preserving the environment for our children and grandchildren. EnviroGen is a “Green ESCO” approved by Natural Grid and is authorized to sell renewable energy on National Grid’s System.

3. What is Renewable Energy?
Renewable Energy is electricity generated in a way that produces little or no air pollution and/or radioactive waste. The energy sold by EnviroGen is dramatically cleaner than that provided under traditional utility service.

4. What are examples of Renewable Energy?
Renewable energy (also called “green energy” because it is good for the environment) is generated from sources that are infinite like the sun or the wind, or from sources that replenish themselves naturally such as hydro, geothermal and biomass.

5. How does the program work?
Customers who select EnviroGen will essentially upgrade their service and receive all of the energy for their home or business from renewable resources. They still receive one bill from their utility with a small surcharge for the renewable energy.

6. Will my electric service continue as usual?
Yes. Your utility company will continue to read your meter, operate and maintain the infrastructure and perform all of the traditional utility services. The utility will deliver the energy to your home or business, and provide all the other services they do now.

7. How many bills will I receive?
One. You will continue to receive one bill and make one payment each month to the utility as you always have. The bill will include charges for renewable energy on the National Grid system.

8. How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy and fast. Just click Enroll Now and fill out our form. You will start receiving Green Power from EnviroGen with your next actual meter reading.

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